The inaugural Mother of Pearl Film Fest will take place on September 14-17, with the first three days at Alamo Drafthouse, and finishing on September 17th at the second annual Mother of Pearl Block Party.

The First three days will focus on music related films and documentaries at Alamo draft house. Selections will include new and yet to be officially released films , and modern classics such as “The Decline of Western Civilization” (with a Skype interview featuring Penelope Spheris, the acclaimed director of the films.) The final day, September 17th will take place on site at the Mother of Pearl Block Party at Union Plaza Downtown, and will focus on local/regional filmmaking.

A call will be put out to local filmmakers to submit their films into the competition. The focus will be on independent, regional filmmakers who have taken initiative to create and work on their art. The winner will receive a minimum $5,000.00  prize to help fund his or her next film (potentially larger prize based on number of submissions and donors) . 

 Film submission guidelines

We accept Narratives, Documentaries, Animated Films, Experimental Works of any genre, addressing any topic. Films must screen within defined runtimes, detailed below.

features at least 45 minutes

shorts under 45 minutes

FEES : $35 before July 15 and $50 after July 15th. Non-refundable

Only online screeners and submissions will be accepted. Please have your online screener URL ready when submitting. 

Please fill out the following information and send to by August 1 2016




Year completed:

Category: (add accepted categories)

Genre : 

Premiere Status : world/usa/texas/na

Screener url :

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Submitters name and info


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Or Paypal payment for $35.00 to